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Jan 6, 2019


Hamid and Jesus are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They truly treat you like family, and they always want to give you the best deal possible. They were extremely helpful while I purchased a new car and made sure everything went smoothly. They are an awesome dealership, and I would recommend them to anyone, and everyone! So nice to feel comfortable and safe when purchasing a car. They take every extra measure to be sure you are number one.

Response from current dealership:

Hi Infinatasia,
Thanks a lot for doing business with us.
Customer service is the first priority for us and we are so happy we did for you as other customer too. Also we try to do the best for our customer as we can, not this car you bought from us, for any car you have and you will buy.
Thanks again

Dec 22, 2018



These guys are great. Very friendly and fair. The car was clean and in good condition. I would recommend these guys.

Response from current dealership:

Hi Rob,
Thanks a lot for doing business with us.
Customer service is the first priority for us and we try to do the best for our customer as we can, not this car you bought from us, for any car you have and you will buy.
Thanks again

Oct 17, 2018


Jesus was super nice. Great to work with.

Response from current dealership:

Hi Shelley,
Thanks a lot for doing business with us.
Customer service is the first priority for us.
Thanks again  

Oct 17, 2018



Very good and understandable

Response from current dealership:


Thanks a lot for doing business with us we try to do the best for our customer as we can.
Thanks again

Aug 6, 2018


Jesus was super helpful in showing us the car and letting us test drive it. However, it wasn't a match to what we were looking for

Jun 21, 2018



Very helpful and informative.

Apr 14, 2018


I was very impressed with the quality of service there, full five stars. Would definitely buy from them again and recommend to a friend!

Response from current dealership:

Hi Sharon,
Thanks a lot for you business. Customer service is first priority for our company.
Thanks Again  

Feb 3, 2018


Responsive just not the car I wanted.

Jan 16, 2018


Great service!

Dec 27, 2017


I havent had the chance to test drive this vehicle.....im looking foward to it this week sometime...

Response from current dealership:

Hi Neeka,
We didn't get any request to test drive from you yesterday or today. Please call or email us and tell us which car you are interested if the car is available you are welcome. we are open Mon to Sat from 9:30 to 6:30.
we can stay more if you tell us in advance. 
Thanks a lot for being interested in our car. Hamid

Dec 14 2017


Very responsive listen to my needs. No pressure no hype.... Haven't been there in person but on the phone everything was good

Response from current dealership:

Hi Tammy,
We are so sorry no one was at the lot. Please come back or call us we will take care of you and give you good deal. Thanks Hamid



Great job help me get the lowest monthly payment



Very smooth transaction and very nice cars. If you qualify for loan from your bank then definitely check this place out.



Ended up purchasing a truck from H&S. Very nice. No pressure sales. Let me do what I wanted to review the truck. I was happy with the deal I got. I, of course, wanted it for less but I did get it for quite a bit lower than blue book. I would buy again from them if they had what I was looking for. The truck was in much better condition than others we had looked at except these guys didn't pressure wash the engine to make it look new. I could see if there were issues with oil and such. I liked that. When I see totally clean on old car, I think hiding something.. However it does look better. Again happy with my dealing with them.

You've hit the ball

You've hit the ball out the park! Inicbdrele!

Great Experience! Fair Deal! Nice People!

You can't imagine how dismayed I was when I discovered "the vehicle of my dreams" was at a used car lot. I almost didn't make the call because I knew I'd be setting myself up as a sucker, but I was wrong! Very, very wrong! Hamid went above and beyond for me. From the moment he answered my initial phone call, to the moment I drove away in my new-to-me new vehicle, he was AMAZING! He was genuine, kind, helpful, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable, plus I truly felt as if I were being dealt fairly with at all times. It was a pleasure working with him. I will definitely contact him first the next time I'm in the market for a used vehicle. On a scale of 1-10, my buying experience at H&S Auto Sale, LLC was 10++! Thank you, Hamid!

in the last week
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This was probably my best used car buying experience. They took care of what was mechanically wrong with the car I purchased and went the extra mile to replace the timing belt and water pump which saved me a lot of money in the future. I highly recommend these guys! If you're looking to negotiate and get a car far less than what it's worth, then go somewhere else. If you're looking for an honest deal and exceptional customer service I recommend H&S auto.

Friendly and Fair

I recently bought a Toyota Corolla here for my daughter. Jesus was our salesman and Hamid did most of the negotiating. Both were terrific about our choice and we made a good deal. Impressive was the good selection of quality cars they have - Hondas and Toyotas - both good quality vehicles. Next was the way they handled the deal, more as friends than salespeople. I recommend H&S highly and it will be my first stop when I get another used car.

I have been to this store four times and every time I've been there I feel great as Mori educates me on oriental rugs' history and value. He is extremely knowledgeable and has good stories to tell also.
By the way, this store is like a museum. On every corner you can see classic and old rugs that age centuries and have a lot to say.
Highly recommended, if you truly want to add high class asset to your house.


I purchased a car from Randy at H&S Auto, it was more of the car of my dreams. When I drove it the first night it had a problem. I called Randy and he said bring it in. He took it upon himself to take my car to McCarthy Chevrolet in Lees Summit. Randy paid to have a new computer put in my car and another part, with no charge to me. I got my car back it runs like a dream. I was very very happy that Randy took care of me. To put it in real life, they could have been just another crooked dealership you read about that could have said " You bought you deal with it " but Randy and his staff are AWESOME!!!!!

Great customer service, awesome deal!

I had never heard of H&S Auto Sale before, as I live more than two hours away. However, I did my research because I wanted a newer car with low mileage for a price that wouldn't break me. I looked around for months, and when I came across a 2013 Hyundai Accent with 19,000 miles on it for $12,500, I wondered what the catch was. Turns out, there wasn't one. I called Randy and made an appointment for the very next day. I drove the two hours, and when I got there, the car was in as good shape as the CARFAX indicated. Randy explained that they like to make their money by offering great deals, and that keeps them competitive. Since then, Randy has been in touch a few times to check in on me. I highly recommend this place!

tyler freeman

Tyler Freeman a year ago- AMAZING PEOPLE!!!! The team at H&S was incredibly friendly, flexible and conscientious during our experience with them. They have even provided support after we bought the car. Most car dealers forget about you once they have your money. This is not the case at H&S auto sales. They helped us get remotes programmed and keys cut for a minimal cost well after we purchased our vehicle. They were kind enough to take the time to make sure we got everything we needed at a fair price. If you are looking to buy a used car, I would highly recommend you visit H&S auto. The experience was enjoyable, non-intimidating and I will go back for sure. I never felt suspicious or like they were trying to pull one over on me. What you see is what you get! Very easy to work with the H&S team. They were happy to throw in a warranty with our purchase to alleviate all of our concerns. They put extra effort into getting cars into tip-top shape for resale. Go see them.
H & S Auto Sale LLC

13318 W. Frontage Road
Grandview, MO 64030

(816) 761-3677